I've been learnt this language for a looong time, because my family is poor, I have money go to college, so my English stagnate at a low level
fortunately, English is an open language, although the English I used without grammar, most of Englsih on internet can understand what I want to say.

But still a big block in front of my progress is my brain is unlike smart Europeans, I feel it is hard to remember some advanced words such as what..... let me check dictionary


In terms of what I know, dinosaur is a kind of ancient animal. But I am eager to know why English pronaunced it as Dinoaur not others?
I mean, how to form an English word, if a newest object occur in this world and this object was never appeared before so no one knows what is it. How does English name it? For example, Chinese is a sort of hieroglyph, if we see it, than we draw it, it is a quite simple logic. So our Chinese is good for read, bad for listen. English I think, is a sort of phonetical language, the keypoint, for learn it well is to know what the regular rule define/stipulate the pronaunciation.

So could you please teach me the basic regulation of English form?
Then please tell me what the dinasaur mean in follow sentence I took it from a dialogur in 007 movie.

I think you're a sexist misogyaist dinosaur.

In this sentence, the dinosaur obviously not means any kind of animal?

Thanks in advance!