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    "the gallery is packed"?

    Hi, guys... I don't understand what "the gallery is packed"..

    Please help my reading... Thank you in advance...

    There is an enormous difference in the ways in which various public officials respondto public pressures, and in the means and methods they employ to deal with them.The best possess understanding of the forces, that must be taken into account,determination not to be swerved from the path of public interest, a willingness tomake enemies along with a gift for avoiding them, and faith that public support willbe forthcoming for the correct course. The poorest are overhesitant, evasive,preoccupied with their relationships with their colleagues, superiors, the press orthe political support on which they lean. They will make no move unless the gallery is packed. They confront all embarrassments with a stale general formula.

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    Re: "the gallery is packed"?

    The bad/poor quality public official can only perform to an audience - he/she is primarily concerned with how they appear in front of others.

    It comes from theatre, where there were three levels of seating in an auditorium: stalls [ground level], circle [first level and the most expensive] gallery [highest level and cheapest - also colloquially called "the gods" since you are so high up and far from the stage]

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