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  1. CAlexH

    Proficiency vs Efficiency

    Does proficiency in a subject matter automatically imply efficiency?

    Stated in another format:

    If I know every function available in my word processor, but am a lousy typist, can I still say that I am proficient with that product?

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    If you're proficient at something, you can do it perfectly. If you work in IT, you can say that you're proficient in word processors even if you don't type as fast as an assistant (these are 2 separate set of skills, right?). However, if you're an assistant, people expect you to type at a decent pace.


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    If you know every function, then you should be able to correct your typing, shouldn't you? I don't honestly think that the expert who produces shoddy work could be regarded as proficient.

  3. CAlexH
    I may not be proficient in typing, another skill set, but still very proficient in using the word processing program. I don't follow you conclusion that my poor typing skills would produce shoddy work. My proficient use of the word processor's spell check would take care of any mis-spellings, but speed may still be a problem. Anyway. I think you have introduced another dimension, quality, and did not address the question: Can I be proficient in a skill and not necessarily be efficient?

  4. CAlexH
    Would you say that an assistant that could type 85 words a minute but did not know most of the functions of the word processor was proficient?

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    It all depends on what he/she is asked, but he/she could not claim proficiency in word processors anyway -- though he/she might be a first-class assistant.


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