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    what does this mean

    dear teacher plain explain. 1. he is an exponent of spin bowling. 2. things were different back then. [ what does back then mean? ]. 3 the eye-wteringly expensive prices . 4. come good on your promises . 5. competitive edge . 6. he cut a sorry figure in the examination .


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    Re: what does this mean

    Dear Lalda,
    I will attempt to answer your questions but I have not heard some of them before.

    1. he is an exponent of spin bowling. ??? Could this be He is an expert in spin bowling. Spin bowling is a cricket term I believe. and you can find an explanation here: Spin bowling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2. back then means historically or during a time before the present.

    3. "the eye-wateringly expensive prices" are prices that are so high that they make you want to cry.

    4. "come good on your promises" you might also hear as: make good on your promise and it simply means that you should fulfill your promises.5. "competitive edge" is an advantage in business or a competition

    6. "he cut a sorry figure in the examination" I have not heard this one before but I imagine the meaning is that he did not do well in the examination.

    I hope this helps,

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    Re: what does this mean

    He is an exponent of spin bowling-- meaning of exponent is one that speaks for or represents.


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