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    Could anyone suggest me the different kinds of remarks that I can write on my students' reports?I need some eye-catching, unique and interesting remarks?Pls help.Writ atleast 10 pls.

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    Re: Remarks

    Most appreciate praise. I try to find a good use of words, circle it and then add a remark like:
    Really good!
    Good work!
    Anything more is unneccessary

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    Question Re: Remarks

    Quote Originally Posted by oregeezer View Post
    Most appreciate praise.
    I know I've posted a similar question in this forum a while ago and got the impression even mildly criticizing comments like
    "as you should know by now, the plural of "man" is MEN...."
    are definitely frowned upon.

    I'd really like to know if teachers over here are the only ones who dare to

    utter slightly "scathing" comments every now and then

    when they come across grammatical errors/spelling mistakes

    they already corrected several times in the very same student's written

    work like
    "this is what we did for the better part of last year, so do try to keep in mind that the plural of man is...."

    I found that tongue-in-cheek comments often get quite nice results.

    Still,I'd like to know if there are

    any hard and fast rules/ any pre-fabricated phrases

    as to how to put the academic achievement of an A, B , C ... into words ?

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    Re: Remarks

    Thanks a lot beascarpetta.

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