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    What is wrong with "Who are you writing to?"

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    In spoken English, it's a completely normal sentence. For more formal writing, such as writing academic essays, it's better not to end the sentence with a preposition. Academic English would prefer, 'To whom are you writing?'

    However, this usage is becoming more and more old fashioned and nowadays most people would choose your version, 'Who are you writing to?'

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    Re: Sentence

    It should be mentioned that the rule that "you cannot end a sentence with a preposition" is a myth, invented by an obscure grammarian for no good reason.

    Some people, however, will insist that the rule stands, and will consider it a grammatical error to end a sentence with a preposition. But as Clare says, to most people this now sounds far too old-fashioned and stuffy. Those who insist on the rule are seen as unnecessarily fussy and pedantic.

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