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    what does this mean?

    dear teacher. explai it please. 1. bend your ear a bit 2. hit the throttle . 3. a spoiled rich girl . 4. she'll throw a tantrum in your face . 5 mash on the brakes.. 6. the match is tantalizingly poised.

    thank you

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    Re: what does this mean?

    Hello Ialda

    I am not a teacher but have a qualification to teach English as a foreign language.

    Can I correct you explai it please should be Please explain.

    Bend your ear a bit is used to talk about someone who many have a problem and spends time possibly to much of your time talking to you about it.

    Hit the throttle (in America it would be hit the gas) Is to put your foot on the accelerator or foot pedal, that is to speed up, or go faster.

    A spoiled rich girl refers to a young lady who comes from a rich family and has not had to work for anything and does not appreciate the fact that other people have to struggle to live.

    She'll throw a tantrum in your face. Possibly refers to if you speak to her she will be angry and scream and shout at you and be out of control.

    Mash the breaks I have not heard of but presume that it means put your foot on the brakes as hard as possible that is stop now.

    The match is tantalizingly poised The result could go either way and it means you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the result. A good watchable match!

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: what does this mean?

    Welcome Newbie Stilo; the answer is good.

    I want to add a note about expressions with "face". They've become very common in the last few years.

    To be in someone's face means be paying unwelcome, intrusive attention to them.

    Get out of my face! (Get away from me.)
    She has an in-your-face attitude. (She doesn't respect your privacy, she won't leave you alone, she bothers you.)

    The ancient Hebrew of the Bible uses "face" to mean "person", similar to the modern expression.



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