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    urgent assignment help!!!!!!!!!!

    i need some urgent help as i need to hand this assignment in by tuesday!!!

    a)hungry- E1/Beginner level
    b)fed up (of) - E2/ upper elementary
    c)out of your depth - L1/Intermediate level

    i need to answer these 4 questions for each word.

    i have answered most of the questions but i am finding concept questions hard to answer. I am having no luck with no. c (out of your depth)

    1. Give an account of the meaning. What word class is this word?
    2. What context would you give to clarify the meaning?
    3. What concept questions would you use to check understanding?
    4. Pronunciation : write the word in the phonemic alphabet and indicate stress. How would you drill it?

    So please could u give me some help on these questions, as i am trying my best but i dont think its enough..

    Thank you

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    Re: urgent assignment help!!!!!!!!!!

    You know the rules!

    Give us your answers and we will comment on them.

    For a start, you can look up each word in the dictionary - that should tell you what kind of word it is. This site may help you: OneLook Dictionary Search

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