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    Interpretation vs Explanation

    Are the two words the same? Interpretation and Explanation

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    Re: Interpretation vs Explanation

    No, these words are not exactly the same. In some ways, an explanation can be someone else's interpretation of some information.

    When someone interprets, he/she receives information and comes to his own conclusions about it.

    When someone explains, he/she gives his conclusions to others, who interpret the explanation for themselves.

    These are just the nouns of these two verbs that are very closely related. The tricky part is that you can also receive explanations, and also give interpretations, and I think that is what confused you.

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    Re: Interpretation vs Explanation

    Do you mean interpret is somewhat like deduce?

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    Re: Interpretation vs Explanation

    Dear belly_ttt,

    In accordance to

    explanation = something that serves to explain or clarify

    = clarification, elucidation, explication, illumination, illustration, interpretation.

    For your information to interpret - to offer an explanation


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