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Thread: Heaven's sake

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    Heaven's sake

    Would you pls. explain what heavenís sake means in the following sentence?

    And for heavenís sake, donít panic so much.

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    Re: Heaven's sake

    Hi Unregistered !
    In English , some words and phrases may be used to express surprise and exclamations . Some phrases of this kind may be :
    • Good heavens!
    • I donít believe it!
    • That's incredible!
    • You're joking!
    • Really?
    • Never!
    • Goodness me!
    • My goodness!
    • Oh my!
    • Oh my goodness me!
    • Gosh!
    • Crikey!
    • Wow!
    • Well, well, well!
    But "Good Heavens " here is used to implore or ask for someone's sympathy. It means " By God " or " For God's sake "
    I hope that it would be convenient .

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