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    help in grammmar

    Hi,please and please can some one ansewr me i really need a help in this questions:
    1.Make a new sentence from the question in the bracket:
    a-(do you have to pay to study in Glasgow?)do you know.....
    b-(did John receive my parcel?)do you know.....
    c-(how far is it to the Oxford university of London)can you tell me.....
    2-write a sentence with should/shouldn't:
    a-John always has difficulty gettig up,he
    b-He is so fat,he
    c-They have exams next week,
    d-I can't wait till 10,you
    e-My salary is very low,you
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    Re: help in grammmar

    I'll gladly do the first & the second one for you but I seem to remember (please do correct me if I'm wrong) that you should be encouraged to do your homework yourself.

    1. Do you know if / whether you have to pay to study in Glasgow?
    2. Do you know if John received my parcel ?

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    Re: help in grammmar

    Quote Originally Posted by aicha84 View Post
    hi and thanks this is not homework but i did it,just i want to see if my ansewrs are coorrect.
    Then post your answers, and someone will be glad to mark them.


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