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    Question differance between tins & cans

    please tell me the differance between tins & cans in details

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    Re: differance between tins & cans

    From the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


    2 [C] uk (UK ALSO AND US can) a closed cylindrical metal container in which food is sold
    a tin of beans
    piles of soup tins
    3 [C] UK (US cookie jar) a metal container with a lid used for keeping cakes or biscuits
    a biscuit tin
    4 [C] UK (US can) a cylindrical metal container with a lid used for keeping liquid substances such as paint
    a tin of paint
    5 [C] UK (US pan) a metal container without a lid used for cooking food in the oven
    Put both cake tins in the oven for half an hour.
    6 [C] UK (US can) the contents of a tin, or the amount of something a tin contains
    The children ate two tins of beans.
    We used four tins of paint when we painted the ceiling.


    1 (UK also tin) a closed metal container, especially a cylindrical one, in which some types of drink and food are sold
    a can of soup/beans
    2 (UK also tin) the amount of food or drink that is contained in a can
    You'll need a can of tuna for this recipe.
    3 a metal container, especially one with a lid, handle and shaped opening for pouring
    an oil can
    a can of paint

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    Re: differance between tins & cans

    No difference - they are both used to describe a metal container for food or other products.

    Generally "can" is used in the US for sealed food containers [a can of baked beans] and "tin" is used in the UK [a tin of baked beans].

    Tin is essentially a shortened form of tin[nned] can.

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