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    1. Mawkish: mushy and gushy; icy-sticky sentimental. Maudlin. Do gushy and mushy usually mean like a couple is very mushy.. Maudlin means the same thing?
    2. Morbid: given to unwholesome thought; moody; characteristic of disease. Unwholesome here means not normal, not healthy? morbid means something abnormal, relating to disease?
    3. What's the difference between 'pliable' and 'pliant'?

    thank you.

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    Re: pliable

    Mushy - soft and squashy [mushy peas are peas that are boiled and squashed]
    Gushy - overflowing and overblown

    Unwholesome thought - thinking so much about something that it affects the spirits and produces depression.

    Morbid medically is "of the nature of OR indicative of disease".
    Non-medically it means to have an unhealthy interest in unpleasant things, particularly death.

    Pliant/Pliable are synonymous. There is no semantic difference.


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