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    please explain these sentences

    dear sir , please explain 1. to open the floodgates for sth. 2.the cream always come to the top. is sexiest to essume that..... distort his sense of time. 5. my sculp was flapping loose. the web of British culture. 7.a sight of cows were there. 8.we were bound to be poor because, we were a big family 9. he was asked what his wife was up to?


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    Re: please explain these sentences

    1) "open the flood gates" is a metaphor for removal of restraint.

    2) "the cream always rises to the top" is a metaphor the best stands out.

    3) - 9) sorry - I don't know these

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    Re: please explain these sentences

    As before - context would help.

    Lalda, please give the full sentences in which the rest appear.

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