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    use of "versus"


    "Game: Approximately 3 - 6 hours. *1
    Video Playback: Approximately 3 - 5 hours. *2

    *1 Game figures are "based on tests conducted in single player mode, headphones with remote control in use, wireless LAN not in use".
    *2 Video playback figures are "based on tests conducted using variables of system speakers versus headphones, volume level and screen brightness level."

    Above is a test result found in a manual. What I found confusing is the use of "versus" in the *2 sentence. If the tests use system speakers versus headphones, does the test result (Video Playback) also include the use of headphones, or exclude headphones simply as a target of comparison?

    Thanks very much

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    Re: use of "versus"

    It is comparing the headphones to the speakers, judging the performance via headphones against performance via speakers.


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