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    and or but?

    I read the sentence below in a Taiwan-published dictionary:

    He was rich and lived a simple life.

    In this sentence 'and' equals 'and yet' or 'but'. And the dictionary says when we are saying the sentence, 'and' should be stressed. But why is there no such usage of 'and' listed in OXFORD, LONGMAN and MACMILLAN? Is it good English? And in our exam papers, I ran across the question: You can draw a picture of a horse in ten minutes, ____ (yet, and) you kept me waiting for two years! (the given answer is 'yet')

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: and or but?

    Perfectly good.

    The sentence in your exam would not really make sense if you used and: "You are able to do x so quickly, yet it took you such a long time to do y".


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