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    Question Celta Application form

    i am new in UK and want to get admitted to celta course but they gave me some question with the application form, which i don't know how to solve. would u please help me?
    QUESTIONS i am in problem with --

    2. Helping students understand differences in meaning
    (i) Comment on the differences in meaning between the following pairs of sentences.
    (ii) Outline some ideas on how you might teach these differences in meaning.
    3. On a separate sheet of paper, write approximately 300 words describing EITHER a successful
    OR an unsuccessful learning experience you have had. State your reasons why the experience was
    successful or otherwise.

    a If I had the money, Id buy a new car.
    b If I have the money, Ill buy a new car.


    a The house was very isolated.

    b The house was very secluded.



    a Give me a hand with this bag, will you?

    b Could you give me a hand with this bag, please?



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    Re: Celta Application form

    In the last example the request (will you?) is very informal and not very polite, you say that when you expect people to do stuff for you (like when you're their boss) the second request (could you?) is polite and so can be used in wider range of contexts.

    If I had- second conditional, hipotethical situation (he doesn't have nor expects to have money for a car any time soon)

    If I have- first conditional, he may have money in the future

    secluded and isolated- I am not sure here, but I guess that secluded has positive meaning (like the house is far from all the noise of the city) and isolated is negative (it can be dangerous to live in an isolated house)- so the difference is in tone- one has positive and the other negative connotation.

    Get Swan - English Grammar to find out more about conditionals, the book is very useful for grammar:)

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