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    Re: Quests

    Quote Originally Posted by vil View Post
    Hi Heidita,

    Thank you for your refined style to mark the transgressors.

    I don't know where to put myself. There are three errors only within the framework of two short lines.

    Until very recently I was a self-educated English student. A few months ago I knew about workings the present forum and now I am learning English language with the blessing help of many hard to please teachers, strict redactors an moderators, and gratuitous NES, as well as knowledgeable as you NNES.

    Because of my hard eradicate (it is a verb, isn't it?) routine and hard remediable bullheadedness I allow unceasingly many mistakes to slip in my post. On the other hand I have an emphatically fondness for unusual words and phrases. Unfortunately I don't put them sometimes on the proper place, which sure do stir up discontent by many readers of my posts.

    I put my hope for improvement in close future.

    Thank you also for your reasonable and edifying explanation.


    Hi vil,
    You used a lot of complicated vocabulary. Although I'm not a teacher, I advice you should be more careful about using too much complex lexicon or structure will lead to misunderstanding
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    Re: Quests

    Hi belly-ttt,

    Thank you for your penetrating remark.

    Right, "eradicate" is a verb; a "d" is slipped through my fingers. The proper expression qualified of you as "complicated" have to be read as " my hard eradicated routine" in my humble opinion is very elementary and light understandable, even of people which knowledge is of the most elementary kind.

    You would probably be so kind to give me further information about he more complicated words as : eradicable, eradication, eradicative or eradicator. I am very eager to learn something of you. So I am sure to pick up the English in no time.



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