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Thread: TO Vs FOR

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    TO Vs FOR


    Are there any rules for using to or for in sentences?

    I often get confused! Please explain or point me to something simple and useful...


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    Re: TO Vs FOR

    Quote Originally Posted by Anglika View Post
    Elsewhere someone wrote, "The new college caters for the needs of students." ...... When I suggested that that sentence should read "caters to" instead of "for", I was told I was wrong.

    What do you think?

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    Re: TO Vs FOR

    You were right.
    "Cater" takes both prepositions, the difference being:
    when we 'cater for', we provide with food and drink, as in "cater for a buffet dinner".
    when we 'cater to', we provide a person with what is needed or required : "The school caters to children with learning difficulties."
    we try to satisfy a particular need or demand : "He catered to her every whim."

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    Re: TO Vs FOR

    David L -

    Thanks ... that's a perfect explanation for something I knew instinctively but couldn't put into words.

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    Re: TO Vs FOR

    Anglika, David and Jerry97 many thanks for your replies


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