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    with so much work to be done/ to do

    I ran across the following question:
    Failing to finish his lifelong goal of creating a state of his own, he left his legendary life with so much work still _____.

    A. to do B. to be done (The given answer is A.)

    I would think 'to be done' is the better choice. Am I right?

    PS: Does 'a state' here refer to a condition, a country, or anything else?

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: with so much work to be done/ to do

    Since "he" seems to be dead at sentence's end, I agree with you. "Still to do" implies, for me, that he might yet manage to do it.

    Without more context I would have to guess that "state" refers to a political entity of some kind. Not "a state of mind," surely, unless he was a professional hypnotherapist :)

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