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    what about sb, what is sb like?

    I ran across the following question:

    ---He's hard-working.
    Two of the most likely choices are:
    A. What about our new headmaster B. What is our new headmaster like?
    The given answer is B. But I would think A is also fine, since it can be used to introduce sb/sth into a conversation.

    What do you think of this question?

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: what about sb, what is sb like?

    As a colloquialism, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, in my opinion, although of course B is more clearly the "correct" answer. "How 'bout them dogs?" is the accepted, if ungrammatical, rallying cry for one of our state universities (the University of Georgia Bulldogs).

    Was there a question mark following A in the original?


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