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    phrasal verb-sign in

    I have a doubt about the phrasal verb "sign in."
    Consider the sentence, "I signed in to a web site." Some write it as "sign into" and others as "sign in to". Because the phrasal verb is "sign in" only, is it correct to write "sign into"?

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    Re: phrasal verb-sign in

    Actually, you sign in, in order to access all the features of a website; and you do the act of 'signing in' on/ or at a website that has been found via its URL but which then requires a password to access its features.
    So, "I signed into a web site." would not make sense.
    I signed in on the UsingEnglish website and...
    I signed in at the UsingEnglish website and...

    However, we sign in at a private members' club, at work etc - 'at' only.

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