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    Smile AE and CE

    I know there are many differences between American and British English, but I'd like to know if there are any differences between American and Canadian English,e.g. different vocabulary,spelling,etc. ?

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    Re: AE and CE

    The biggest difference between American & Canadian English is that Canadians use both British and American spellings.

    The Americans have honor, color or center....Canadians may spell them that way or the British way- honour, colour & centre.

    Vocabulary is regional so of course Americans & Canadians have different words.

    But the easiest way to identify a Canadian is his usage of "eh". It's at the end of most sentences..."How's it going today, eh?"

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    Re: AE and CE

    Canadians also use the British spelling for cheque and jewellery, which are spelled "check" and "jewelry" in AmE. And they spell "snowplow" as snowplough.

    What folks in England call a "dummy," Canadians call a "soother," and Americans call a "pacifier."

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    Re: AE and CE

    A small side note: I believe that there are more differences if one were to painstakingly look into the matter. With globalization, these boundaries are increasingly thinned, so there's no reason to.

    The major English locale difference is between the British and American, so regardless of spelling, vocabulary, or even grammar and pronunciation, so long there is consistency of style within a context, it's fine. I don't think it is too difficult for an American to read British English, or vice versa.


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