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    Continuation vs Continuance vs Continuity

    What are the differences between continuation, continuance and continuity? Which is most used and which is unsual in English?

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    Re: Continuation vs Continuance vs Continuity


    These words can mean the same thing or different things depending on the context in which they are used.

    Continuation - the act or fact of continuing in or the prolongation of a state or activity or resumption after an interruption or something that continues increases, or adds.

    Continuance - can be the same as continuation or the extent of continuing (duration) or the quality of enduring (permanence) or adjournment of a court case to a future day.

    Continuity - uninterrupted connection, succession, or union or uninterrupted duration or continuation especially without essential change or something that has, exhibits, or provides continuity: as a: a script or scenario in the performing arts b: transitional spoken or musical matter especially for a radio or television program c: the story and dialog of a comic strip or the property of being mathematically continuous

    With help from Webster

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