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    would or will ?

    HI! I wonder which is correct answer, 1 or 2 in the conversation below.
    If both are ok , which is better?

    A: Hi, I'm a transfer student from King George School.

    B: Really? I hope______________________________ .

    1. you'll like this school and be happy here

    2. you would like this school or be happy here

    p.s) Is this also right? "I hope you like this school and(or) are happy here."

    Best regards!

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    Re: would or will ?

    #1 is (more) correct. It's probably that A just came in implying from his speech, so the future tense (will) should be used and not the future in the past tense (would).

    The third phrase may be correct if you mean the first impression. #1 and #2 refers more to the impression of the school after some time. It could be a transcription mistake too, as "l" sounds in "you'll like" often get agglutinized in speech.

    You may check this out for more information:
    ENGLISH PAGE - Would


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