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    I'm sitting for examinations and learning topics. This one is Modern parenting. I don't remember exactly where I took it, but somewhere in the Internet. So, could you have a look:

    This example and a lot of other ones shows that modern parents have to do everything contrary to the ways that their own parents did them.

    I suppose contrary is not right for this sentence as it is an adjective and it can't modify a verb (to do). Am I right that we need an adverb here? My fantasy failed to change it, could you help?


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    Re: Contrary

    This seems to me another example of how wrong grammar can become acceptable through usage.
    " things contrarily is more correct, but in fact sounds clumsy.
    Many native speakers would use contrary rather than contrarily because it "sounds right".
    I think they instinctively feel that the contrary refers to the ways so the use of an adjective to qualify this noun seems correct in this context.

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