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    What is the meaning of bear the brunt

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    Re: Defination

    Quote Originally Posted by CYS
    What is the meaning of bear the brunt
    Bear= stand, endure (an ordeal, difficulty, etc.).
    Brunt= the chief or initial impact of an attack, task, etc.

    Bear the brunt =
    stand firm: be hellbent on, bear the brunt, have what it takes, fight on, stick it out, grin and bear it, endure, suffer

    busy oneself: have to do, have on one's hands, have one's hands full, take on oneself, bear the burden, assume responsibility, bear the brunt, take on one's shoulders, incur a duty

    be in difficulty: bear the brunt, feel the pinch, suffer
    withstand: hold one's own, bear the brunt, resist

    parry: bear the brunt, hold one's own, withstand

    resist: bear up, bear the brunt, endure, suffer


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