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    2 usage doubts

    1. Do we need to string etc at the end of sentence like in "such as 1,2,3, etc" {seems redundant}

    2. Please clarify the usage of rise and raise

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    Re: 2 usage doubts

    1,2,3. all done
    1,2,3,etc. continue on

    rise - come up by itself - "The sun will rise in the East."
    raise -bring up by human effort - "He wants to raise chickens."

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    Re: 2 usage doubts

    #1 Etc. (etcetera) is used to indicate that the sequence continues.

    #2 To raise (something) means to lift it to a higher level; To rise is to come or go upwards.

    The boy raised the stone and placed it on top of the wall

    The balloon rises on the wind.

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