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    this saturday or next saturday?

    A poster for a gig of mine prepared by someone else read 'gig next saturday'

    The intended day refered to here was not the coming saturday but the following one.

    To me this rang as unclear, although my hunch is its technically correct to a degree. I've thought this through and here's my logic, I wonder if anyone can tell me if I'm correct or not:

    Point 1. If I was first in a queue and someone said 'who's next' I would step forward, not the person following me in the queue.

    Point 2. A gig advertised for the coming saturday may also be expressed 'Gig this saturday'.

    Point 3. If I were trying to be exact, I might say 'no gig this sat, but there will be a gig next sat'.

    Point 4. I could also say 'There was no gig this saturday, but there will be a gig next saturday.

    ok, now take Point 1, this application of 'next' would imply that the original advertisment of 'gig next sat' in reference to the following saturday is incorrect.

    now considering point 2, this implies that the saturday that will come around first can be pinpointed with 'this' and then Point 3 clarifies that 'next' can mean the saturday after the first one, in disagreement with point 1.

    Point 4, caused me a headache as i'm not sure if its correct english but it is something that to me would be understandable.

    I am concluding that you can't refer to the intended gig day as 'next saturday' and be 100% clear unless you make apparent which saturday, the previous or the coming, is 'this' saturday.

    In other words when 'this' is the saturday just gone, then 'next' is the saturday coming. When 'this' is the saturday coming, then 'next' is the following saturday.

    I can't think of another situation where this problems arises. Is it specific to discussions about which day?

    Many thanks
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    Re: this saturday or next saturday?

    FAirly complicated!

    If the gig is not this Saturday, but the one following, then the notice could say either "gig on Saturday week" or (to be more specific) "gig on Saturday [date]"

    Whatever is said, a date is as important as the day and prevents misunderstanding.

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    Re: this saturday or next saturday?

    funnily enough 'saturday week' is what it was changed to. But how correct is my logic and are there any rules involved here? A quick bit of research on the net has shown that some people are adamant the 'next saturday' means the following not immediate saturday. I have no idea how expert they are but they would appear to be wrong, right?

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    Re: this saturday or next saturday?

    To me, next Saturday would always indicate the Saturday coming immediately after today.

    The net is not a certain source of good usage - it contains so many unchecked blogs and writings by non-native English writers. So yes, I think you can say they are wrong.

    By the way, welcome to the forums!

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    Re: this saturday or next saturday?

    hello guys , with reference to the above topic ,

    this weekend would mean the weekend coming , therefore this saturday means the saturday coming after the date in question ,

    perhaps saturday week should have been used to clarify but a date would certainly prevent any ambiquity

    it's certainly a grey area
    if someone said to me on saturday 5 th , " i ,m going there next weekend " i would take it he was going there on the 12 th or 13 th


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