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Thread: visual cues

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    visual cues

    What does the red part mean? The following sentneces are about virus writers.

    Most virus writers don't understand the damage they do.. This is understandable to a degree because the computer has introduced a shift in the way we communicate. Desensitization occurs; you miss all the visual cues, the contextual clues and you don't see the impact you having on another person.

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    Re: visual cues

    If we were talking person to person, and I got angry at you, I might see you become extremely upset. If I struck out and hit you, I might actual cause bleeding, which I would see.
    But write a virus, and send it off into cyber space, and one is not confronted by the consequences- even irreparable damage- that that virus might do. I don't just mean, cause a hard disk to crash, say. I remember reading Margot Kidder was nearing completion of her autobiography on her computer WITH NO EXTERNAL BACKUP, and through a virus, lost the lot!!!!!!!!!!
    The virus creator may imagine disks crashing, but he wouldn't have witnessed (the 'visual cues' referred to) a distraught Kidder, or have had the magnitude of the loss brought home to him. I bet she was depressed.
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