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    Cool Flash frozen frame

    Can be "flash frozen frame" understood as the process of cinema making go a still after the other (frozen photos) to create illusion of movement?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Flash frozen frame

    Do you mean 'freeze-frame'?

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    Re: Flash frozen frame

    Quote Originally Posted by Bushwhacker View Post
    Can be "flash frozen frame" understood as the process of cinema making go a still after the other (frozen photos) to create illusion of movement?

    Thanks a lot
    Hi, Bushwhacker!

    Thanks to David's reply, I have a clearer understanding of what you are asking us.

    In the film industry,' freeze frame' means the image on the screen stops, freezes and becomes a still shot. To create the illusion of movement in a freeze frame, the position of the image can be adjusted during the editing process.

    Does this explanation answer your question?

    Now, it's 'quiz time'! With the information I have provided you, can you re-write your original sentence more clearly? I'll give you ten extra bonus points if you can!!!


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    Re: Flash frozen frame

    Hi Bushwhacker,

    You might find the answer your question reading the written technical documentation from the distance, romantic Edison's epoch, the time of the American's inventors and innovators.

    "By April 1894, the first kinetoscope (mechanical device that creates the illusion of movement from still images) parlor was opened in New York City.The kinetoscope, designed for a single viewer, was an upright wooden cabinet, 18 inches by 17 inches, by 4 inches high, with a peephole with magnifying lenses in the top. The film was arranged around a series of spools, as each frame passed under the lens, he shutter permitted a flash of light so brief that the frame appeared to be frozen. This rapid series of appaerntlt still frames appeared, thanks to the persistence of vision phenomenon,as a moving image."

    There is another brief example for a similar device nowadays:

    "A hostile laser source location technique employs a television camera in conjunction with a rotating shutter to pinpoint the location of a hostile laser source without placing the pilot/operator at risk for eye damage. The shutter made of high optical density material provides optics protection for the camera system from both damage and dazzle. A detector is used to detect the laser pulse (flash) which immediately signals the proper frame to be frozen on monitor."

    You could read something more about the stroboscope.

    I think, that sufficed to you in order to appease your curiosity.



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