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  1. needing help desperately!

    Unhappy keats help!

    I'm studying 'If by dull rhymes our English must be chain'd' by Keats. Does anybody know how to interpret this poem or what it means, as our teacher "wasn't really sure".

    Any help would be really appreciated!


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    Re: keats help!

    Hello NHD,

    A sonnet is a highly constrained form of poetry, as it must be written in accordance with various "rules" (most notably, there should be 14 lines, and the poet should employ one of a handful of rhyme schemes).

    This sonnet however is quite irregular; among other things, Keats uses the irregularity to exemplify the suggestion in the text namely, that if poetry is to be constrained by the sonnet form, poetic considerations should nonetheless outweigh merely formal considerations.

    (It might be noted however that the poem itself is a tissue of very familiar and well-worn images. While the form may be novel, the content is not.)


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