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Thread: focal incident

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    focal incident

    what does 'focal incident' mean in the following sentence?They also claimed that one particular 'focal incident' had made the personality change happen?sorry to ask this very simple question.but, I can't get the meaning of it, when I interpret the two words one by one and mix together.I think it's something we, non-natives, have trouble getting the meaning.

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    Re: focal incident

    Say a boy grew up in a home where his father would be very violent towards him. This then is a chronic situation, and would have effects on the boy's personality. However, say one day the father shoots and kills the boy's beloved dog as some form of perverse punishment of the boy. Then, of all the countless incidents of violence and cruelty that this boy may have suffered, that specific incident, that focal incident in the whole history of it all, might have the most profound influence on why, say, he became a hater of all father-like authority figures in his adulthood.

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    Re: focal incident

    Thank you, David. L.

    Your kind reply helps me a lot.

    I always thank you all for your kindness.

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