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    Cool hi can you help me please???

    I need to write an acrostic poem about john adams and i cant think of anything please help.

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    Re: hi can you help me please???

    you would have to find out about this president first

    to do that go there or there

    then brainstorm / draw up a list of words or phrases that describe or remind you of John Adams

    there are several ways to tackle the problem

    a rather easy approach would be
    to create a short line or a word that starts with each letter of the president's name since an acrostic poem is a poem in an alphabetic script,the first letter, syllable or word of each line of the text spelling out another message.

    These words may be adjectives/nouns or traits that describe that president, or they may be words that are associated in some way with that president.

    you might want to have a look there to help you along
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