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    Question So where's the teacher?

    So, yeah, is there anyone who can reply to my question? It shouldn't be that hard to answer, especially as there are people who call themselves teachers here.

    Thanks a lot and hope you manage with my request, there it is once again for all you out there:

    Hi! I am a little confused about pronouncing the letter 'L' in English. While for example in German 'L' is always pronounced softly, in English that's not the case.
    Is there any rule, which tell us whether L should be pronounced soft or hard? I have had the following case, when I pronounce 'low' with a hard L, it sounds as if I am saying 'wow' and people don't quite understand what I mean.

    Thanks a lot (lot with a hard or soft L at all ? )

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    Re: So where's the teacher?

    I have just moved your original post to Pronunciation and Phonetics. Please avoid posting the same question twice.

    Also, we are volunteers - someone will get to you in the end!

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