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    Question Accents on Sentences

    Hi everybody

    It's been a few months since I moved to Canada. I don't have too much problem with pronouncing the words but people still don't get my sentences. I have noticed that the differences between my accent and the native people's is in where I put stresses. In the same sentence, they put stress on the different words than me. Does such a thing (stress on sentence) exist? If so, how I can learn it?

    Thank you so much

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    Re: Accents on Sentences

    Welcome to the forums.

    The rhythm in speech is something we absorb as we grow up. Your best plan of action is two-fold - keep a radio on [quietly] all the time you are doing anything or have spoken word recordings on; and if you have any good Canadian friends, ask them to point out your errors and then practice what they show you to be the right stresses.

    It happens to all of us learning to speak another language as we instinctively use our native stress patterns.

    It will come eventually.

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