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Thread: no ending??

  1. Unregistered

    no ending??

    "Infinitive is the basic form of a verb.
    It remains unchanged in all persons and takes no ending.."
    Here what does 'takes no ending'?
    'Ending' means a suffix??
    Can you paraphrase 'takes no ending' ?


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    Re: no ending??

    Dear Unregistered:
    It is hard for me to imagine how "takes no ending" could be more clear.

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    Re: no ending??

    We usually talk about verbs having "grammatical endings", by which we mean a kind of suffix.

    Regular English verbs have very few endings. The third-person plural ends in -s, the past tense and past participles end in -ed, and the present participle ends in -ing. Other forms of the verb, including the infinitive, have no endings.

    This isn't the case in all languages. In German, for example, the infinitive usually ends in -en or -eln, while French infinitives can end in -er, -ir or -re.

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