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  1. Anonymous

    making better english

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I m parag joshi , i live in the us from last 3 years and i still have problems communicating with people.I just can't fully express myself to anybody.therefore i couldn't make friend's in high school.nobody talked to me in the high school i don't have much friends and the friends that i have they only speak english even the friends of my own community they talk in english. I don't know what to do.Soon i m going in to college and i have 2 months to make my english better.I have been tired sitting aside .I want to talk to everybody too.Help me out plz.i m the only one in my family who can speak a little bit english english. so you can understand how important that is for me to make my english better.i m good at writing english.Suggest me what i need to do to make my english better. If you r reading this e-mail and you think you can help me please do so.I'll be waiting of your e-mail.

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  2. Ahmed88

    Re: making better english

    i live in the us from last 3 years and i still have problems communicating with people.

    i m good at writing english.
    I have lived in USA for three years.

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