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    some understanding meany p

    what the meaning of easy traseate eglis record again under in Bee Gees's name.

    2.the equivalent of todays's boy bands
    3oultasted them all,with major hits through four decades, reaching their peak in disco years of disco years of the late 1970s

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    Re: some understanding meany p

    The Bee Gees were a singing group popular in the 1970s. Someone wants someone to record new music using the name the Bee Gees.

    A "boy band" is a singing group of teenaged boys, or young men in their early 20s. They are made to appeal to girls between the ages of 11 and 17 or so. They are formed more for their good looks and style than for their musical talent. Someone is saying someone was like this - good looking, stylish, supposed to appeal to younger girls.

    The Bee Gees were most popular during the 1970s, known as the disco era. Disco was a type of dance music. I believe my parents found it as awful as I find today's Hip Hop.

    Does this answer your question?

    [not a teacher]

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    Re: some understanding meany p

    Thanks alot.............................................. .............................

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