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Thread: already, still

  1. ggomad

    already, still

    Hi, would you please take a look at the following question?

    Hundreds of viewers have _____ been waiting outside for the next screening of the movie.
    A) soon B) yet C) already D) still

    Answer : C
    I understand "already" is an appropriate one, but why not "still"?

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    'still' is used to say something is in the present, not in the past. In your example, it is a present perfect, expressing something happened or never happened.

    Hundreds of viewers are still waiting. (OK)

    Does that help?

  2. ggomad
    It certainly does! The first time I saw your reply, I didn't realize exactly what you meant. Now, after some more thinking, I understand the point your're making.

    Thanks, indeed.

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    Good for you! :D

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