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Thread: diddly doodle

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    diddly doodle

    Apologetics is probably the single most under-rated and overlooked area of Christian development in our churches today. I think it's awesome that you're looking for resources to help defend what YOU believe. And I stress the "YOU" part because what WE (collectively) believe doesn't mean diddly doodle until you decide what YOU believe. Believing something just because others believe it is considered (in my book at least) blind faith, and blind faith if you think about it long enough really doesn't sound like faith at all. God wants us to have faith in Him, not faith in what others believe about Him.

    What does he mean by this?

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    Re: diddly doodle

    diddly doodle = nothing/of very little value.

    Same family as diddly squat, but politer.

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    Re: diddly doodle

    This means:
    "what we believe doesn't mean (anything) until you decide what YOU believe."

    Diddley doo is slang for "nothing"; "Doo" is also slang for crap.


    His remarks mean diddley-doo.

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