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    Ask some help about basketball terminology!

    Hello Everyone,

    I have read a report about the performances of HUSTON ROCKETS. There are several phrases and sentences I am confused about!

    1.Surprisingly, the Rockets (19-17) haven't played more than three home games in a row. Houston has instead spent much of the first two months of the season enduring a brutal early schedule filled with road games. After wrapping up a two-game trip to Washington, D.C. and New York on Wednesday, the Rockets had played 22 of their first 36 games outside of Houston city limits.

    Now, the slate finally gets a little less demanding. The Rockets will close the month with seven of the next nine games in their own building.

    Q:What does the underscored mean here?

    2."For us to be any good this year, we have to win at home," Rockets forward Shane Battier said. "Every playoff team wins at home. That's something that we haven't done consistently to this point. We got back to .500 on the road, which is decent for the amount of road games that we've played. But now is the time to establish winning at home. That has to be the mindset."

    Q: What is the meaning of .500 ?

    Thanks and Best Regards


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    Re: Ask some help about basketball terminology!

    1. the schedule for future days does not have as many good teams.
    2. .500 = half; the team has now won one-half of their games.

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