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    New Interchange Books

    Hi, I'm an English Teacher and I've taught New Interchange 3A book to some students. I'd like to know how much time I'm supposed to spend per unit. Unfortunately I don't have the teacher's guide. I teach these students just once a week, two-hour class and sometimes it takes me more than one class to finish each unit.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: New Interchange Books

    Do you get any guidance from your administration? Are you 'supposed to' cover a certain number of units in a semester? If not then how do YOU feel? Are you happy with the student's progress? Okay, relax, do what is comfortable for you and the students.
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    Re: New Interchange Books

    You need to be more specific.
    What age level are you teaching? How many students sit in on a class on a regular schedule? Are you teaching at a school or institute? How many sessions have you been told to attend till the term is over?
    I suggest that you take a look at the Introduction of the book, and then you get a pretty good idea of how you can adjust the time you are going to have to spend teaching each unit!
    Do not forget that " You do not have to complete every exercise in the Student's Book. You can omit selected exercises, such as the Writings, Readings, and Interchange activities" (According to the TEACHER'S EDITION)
    I cannot help you more unless you are more specific!
    Good luck

    Ruholla Kazemi
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