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    Can you start a sentence with Or?

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    A conjunction is a word that joins two clauses, phrases or words together. That's why some people think they can't be used to start a sentence.
    It has been the rule for for years, that one sentence cannot be started using a conjunction. However, the rules are changing, and it is now considered acceptable to start a sentence with a conjunction.

    The most common conjunctions to start a sentence are "and" and "but".
    You should also know that starting a sentence with a conjunction can be tricky. But, when you use it sparingly, it can be very effective.
    Also, many business people think starting a sentence with a conjunction is unprofessional, so you might want to rephrase your sentence and exclude your conjuctions, change them into some 'more formal' words. ;)

    As for me, I can't really remember an example where keeping something as two sentences and starting one with a conjunction is better than making it one sentence, unless it's a bad sentence to begin with. There is nothing ''wrong'', I just find it unnecessary.
    The only remaining justification for the rule itself is that "someone said so''.

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