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    Grammar Knowing

    Please give me the clarification of using two words in two different sencences:
    1) I'll make you 'understand'.
    2) I'll make you 'frightened'.
    Whether 'understand' and 'frightened' are adjective or not. This clarification I need.

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    Re: Grammar Knowing

    The phrase, "I'll make you..." (when it means "I'll cause you to be") can be completed with verbs or adjectives (single words or [phrases]).

    I'll make you understand. Understand is a verb. Other (action) verbs can be substituted here. I'll make you think [about this]. I'll make you fly [like a bird]. I'll make you run. I'll make you walk.

    I'll make you frightened. Frightened is a participle, a verb functioning as an adjective. Other adjectives can be substituted here. I'll make you fat [as a pig]. I'll make you sick [as a dog]. I'll make you happy. I'll make you angry. I'll make you famous.

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