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    teaching "make" and "let" to upper intermediates

    Anyone have an original and clever idea on how to teach "make" and "let"? The class has been working on verbs that are followed by a to-infinitive and I would like to offer something fun on a grammar heavy day.

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    Re: teaching "make" and "let" to upper intermediates

    You mean like:

    "Let me tell you something" as opposed to "make me tell you something"?

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    Re: teaching "make" and "let" to upper intermediates

    It's probably a little late to offer ideas for that class, and it's not that original, either., but here's something I use. With teens or classes young learners, I've asked them to do role plays where they have to act out being interviewed on TV / radio about a particularly lenient or strict school they go to, particularly lenient or strict parents and upbringing, or imagining spending some time in the army. These scenarios give a (slightly silly) but possible target area to practise statements such as 'My teachers make me do six hours homework a week.' or 'Do your parents let you go out late?' etc.

    I can't think of any suitable role cards in familiar supplementary materials books at the moment.

    Maybe you've already come up with something that works well in the classroom by now - if so, I'd be interested to know about it!


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