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    difference between make/force and allow/let.

    hi, I would like to know the difference betwwn make and force,

    for example in a prison;

    They make/force prisoners get up at 6.30 am.Which one make or force?
    They make/force prisoners to be clean.Which one make or force?
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    Prisoners don't let/aren't allowed to go out on Mondays.Which one let/allow?

    They don't let/arent't allowed prisoners have as many visits as they want. Which one let or allow?


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    Re: difference between make/force and allow/let.

    Make + bare infinitve (make the prisoners get up)
    Force + to-infinitive (force the prisoners to get up)

    Prisoners aren't allowed- passive (prison guards don't allow prisoners...)
    They don't let (active)

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