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    What does this phrase means

    Dear teachers,

    What does "He who saves tomorrow, saves for the cat" mean?
    It is appreared in this context: A girl is trying to help a boy. But she's afraid that after sucess, the boy will not give her a chance. Her girl friend advise her to stop helping him, and she says:
    "He who saves tomorrow, saves for the cat. I will never do that"

    Please explain it to me.


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    Re: What does this phrase means

    Hmmmm, never heard this expression before...

    As a whole, the phrase means "your efforts will be useless, the only person who will care is the cat" (and of course, the cat will not care (or know)).

    Her friend is saying don't try. You know what they say, if you don't try, you'll get the best response. You can't let the person know you're interested.

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