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    The subjunctive mood

    Jeeves takes charge by P.G.Wodehouse:

    She gave me a look.
    'Do you mean to say you refuse to help me, Bertie?'
    'No; but - I say!'
    'It's quite simple.'
    'But even if I - What I mean is - Of course, anything I can do - but - if you know what I mean -'
    'You say you want to marry me, Bertie?'
    'Yes, of course; but still -'
    For a moment she looked exactly like her old father.
    'I will never marry you if those Recollections are published.'
    'But, Florence, old thing! '
    'I mean it. You may look on it as a test, Bertie. If you have the resource and courage to carry this thing through, I will take it as evidence that you are not the vapid and shiftless person most people think you. If you fail, I shall know that your Aunt Agatha was right when she called you a spineless invertebrate and advised me strongly not to marry you. It will be perfectly simple for you to intercept the manuscript, Bertie. It only requires a little resolution.'
    'But suppose Uncle Willoughby catches me at it? He'd cut me off with a bob.'
    'If you care more for your uncle's money than for me -'
    'No, no! Rather not!'
    'Very well, then. The parcel containing the manuscript will, of course, be placed on the hall table tomorrow for Oakshott to take to the village with the letters. All you have to do is to take it away and destroy it. Then your uncle will think it has been lost in the post.'
    It sounded thin to me.
    'Hasn't he got a copy of it?'
    'No; it has not been typed. He is sending the manuscript just as he wrote it.'
    'But he could write it over again.'
    'As if he would have the energy!'
    'But - '
    'If you are going to do nothing but make absurd objections, Bertie -'
    'I was only pointing things out.'

    Could you help me understand the grammar here? Why did he place would + Infinitive here?


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    Re: The subjunctive mood

    'But he could write it over again as if (~as it would be if; as though; in a way that suggesting) he would have the energy!' ‘As if’ is compound conjunction that joins the 2 clauses.

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