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Thread: Blue-frozen

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    Cool Blue-frozen

    Please, what's the meaning for "blue-frozen" in the following sentence:

    He trailing through the blue-frozen hell of the Alps

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Blue-frozen

    Snow looks blue in the shadows. The Alps were covered with snow and really difficult to transverse.

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    Re: Blue-frozen

    Dear Bushhacker,

    The mentioned above modified sentence is from an article about the great English film director Ken Russel expressing a memento together with many others that have displayed sometimes in his brain. I offer a few line which would be of service to you for better understanding the whole situation.

    Known for their exuberant vulgarity and visual panache, Ken Russell's films of the 1970s and 1980s constitute a genre in their own right. And he's still working, he tells Linda Ruth Williams.
    The career of writer, actor, producer and above all film director extraordinaire Ken Russell spans television, cinema and the internet. Born in Southampton in 1927, he made his name in the 1950s as a pioneer of the British television arts documentary .

    Though his big-film career started with the calling-card Michael Caine vehicle Billion Dollar Brain in 1967, it is the award-winning D.H. Lawrence adaptation Women in Love (1969) that is widely regarded as Russell's breakthrough film.

    Russell tells a ripping good story (he has won awards for his screenplays), but long after his audiences have forgotten the baroque twists of his picaresque tales, it is individual images that linger in the memory: Oliver Reed trailing through the blue-frozen hell of the Alps in Women in Love; Glenda Jackson tossing her head back against a sunburst in the same film; Jackson (again) in a frustrated sexual frenzy on the train in The Music Lovers; abstract Busby Berkely-esque body patterns whirling through The Boy Friend; Leslie Caron's cloak swept across the corpse in Valentino; Roger Daltrey's glam-angelic spaceship in Lisztomania; Gabriel Byrne decorated with leeches in 1986's Gothic, the story of the night Mary Shelley gave birth to Frankenstein; the widow walking from Loudon as The Devils' end credits ro

    Oliver Reed is a burly English actor who juggled over 60 film roles in 40 years and a full blooded social life of woman, booze, and bar fights, both of which became fodder for stories about one of English darker leading man and villainous character actor.

    Ken Russel imagined himself often the impressing Oliver Reed’s trailing through the blue-frozen hill of the Alps in the film Women in Love. There was an infamous male-nude wrestling scene in the film Women in Love which is remarkable as much for its gorgeous naturalistic firelight and its zippy editing as for its swinging penises.

    trail (n) = path or trail roughly blaze through wild or hilly country

    to trail - to go or move slowly so that the progress is hindered; loiter
    force / push one's way through



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